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A few years ago someone bought a BJ8 that came with a driver's handbook
autographed by DMH in 1976.  I was able to track down the owner of the car
at that time, and we learned that Donald had signed the handbook while
sitting in Walt Blanck's backyard during that organizational meeting.  The
previous owner had a photo of himself with DMH in the backyard at the time
of the signing.  Kinda neat to find that out if you're the owner of the car.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC  USA

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it is amazing how time flies and memories lose their accuracy. A few more 
clarifications and corrections if I may......

The 1987 AHCA Conclave was a joint venture alright but it was joint with the

Austin Healey Sports and Touring club at Harrisburg Pa. The Oklahoma 
Conclave was at Shangri-La Resort in 1988, blistering hot as I recall.

Turning back the clock to August 1976, that was the summer that the Pacific 
Centre and the Northeast Region brought Donald Healey over as special guest,

and hosted somewhat of an East Coast and West Coast meet, the N.E. being one

weekend, the P.C. being the following weekend. However, in between, Donald 
flew to O'Hare and was guest of honour of the AHCA, (at that moment still 
basically a Midwest Regional club). Donald was a guest over night at Walt 
and Jeanette Blanck's home, with a special dinner in Donald's honour on the 
Tuesday evening. The next day, guests from a number of brand new AHCA 
regional chapters sat at a formation meeting in Blanck's home and mapped out

the Regional Chapter with Delegate representation concept, and the whole 
thing literally took off from there.
This is not third party, because I was there representing the 3 week old 
Southern Ontario chapter of the AHCA.

Rich Chrysler

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