[Healeys] Re Healey Clubs

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Thu Jun 3 17:26:05 MDT 2010

Amazing how time flies. David Nock corrected my notes on the dates.

Snowmass was in 1982. The first discussions between Bonnie Ayre and me, and 
the subsequent merger discussions took place at Breckinridge and then at 
the AHCA delegates meeting in 1992. The money-losing AHCA "international" meet 
took place in northeast Oklahoma in 1987. 
David remembers another conversation about mergers at Park City in 1997 
which again went nowhere. Interestingly, Tracy Drummond recalls being asked 
pointedly, when he was proposed for president of AHCUSA a few years ago whether 
he favored or would be against a merger. The right answer to that question 
clearly was that he should be against the idea.
So, nothing much has changed in, what, 18 years?

As many people have noted, had it not been for Reid Trummel benchmarking 
the Austin-Healey Magazine against Chatter, and me benchmarking Austin-Healey 
Magazine against Reid's Healey Marque, the two club magazines might not have 
maintained the level of excellence they have achieved over the years.

On the other hand, with good controls, a single magazine reaching 5,000 
members, and a national structure supporting regional clubs and perhaps two 
"national" meets each year, might very well have been a good thing for the 
Healey hobby.


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