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> My memory of the late 1960s and early 1970s was that the Pacific Centre 
> was
> formed as an offshoot of the UK AHC and generally serviced the US West
> Coast. The AHC of America was not formed as a separate entity and catered
> for owners more towards the middle and East Coast.

If I ever find the right venue, I think it would be interesting to write 
the factual history of the clubs. As an academically trained historian, I'm 
never surprised at how different the recollections of history can be, and how 
those recollections can shape what we believe.

First point: The Pacific Centre was founded as a local club, but within 
three months had discovered that there was a U.K. umbrella organization under 
Bic Healey, and had sought and received sanctioning as the Austin-Healey 
Club, Pacific Centre. 
Fairly soon thereafter, contact was made with Bill Wood in the Northeast, 
with the idea of a possible second centre. Though that didn't come to 
fruition, the two groups did organize an East Coast (New England, really) and West 
Coast meet fairly soon thereafter, inviting Donald as their guest at both 
meets. The East Coast connection didn't thrive, but the west coast group did 
well, expanding its Healey Highlights newsletter and very soon found itself 
with members all over the country, just interested in receiving the 
newsletter, so from the start it's been pretty national in membership, though the 
majority of events were concentrated on the West Coast.

>From what i've heard third-hand, at roughly the same time, a group in 
Virginia started an Austin-Healey club which, not knowing about the other effort, 
declared itself the Austin-Healey Club of America, and soon after an 
Illinois chapter of that club was started. When the Virginia club disappeared, the 
Illinois chapter picked up the baton and ran with it. You can see the 
connection by comparing the Illinois chapter's badge with the consequent AHCA 


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