[Healeys] [Spridgets] New Top Fitment

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Wed Jun 2 15:21:32 MDT 2010

<< Robbins makes some great product. With a tiny bit of effort, they could
make some outstanding product. >>

Agreed, Jay.

I have wondered for the past few years if they just had
"grown" TOO much [and, what 30 years ago?] TOO fast ??

Just heard from a buddy that is finishing a 442 ragtop and
he has exact same probs as the Spridget & Big Healey
worlds have experienced.  And I know [just remembered]
a chap that was finishing a '63 Impala ragtop a couple years
ago [YES, I was and AM jealous<G>] which same problem of
"overall length" - he said it was about 8 - 9 inches SHORT
[AIN'T gonna stretch one THAT far<G>].

At least "we" know it's not just the LBC world.

I might add that I have NEVER heard of anybody that called
them and received 'reasonable' satisfaction or "relief".

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