[Healeys] Steering allignment

richard mayor mayorrichard at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 1 20:18:56 MDT 2010

I sent a missive about this issue a week ago but it didn't show up on the
list. Maybe I hit the wrong button.
What is all this talk about adjusting rods and things to change the tight spot
in the steering box?  The tight spot is always in the center of the steering
box. If your steering wheel is not centered when you are in the tight spot, it
is because your steering wheel is not centered - not the box!  You fix this by
lifting your steering wheel off the splined shaft (when the wheels are
pointing straight ahead - in that "tight spot") and rotating it into a
position such that it is now "centered" - now slide it back down onto the
spines and button things back up.

Richard Mayor
BN7L-466  Vintage Racer
Portland, Oregon

> Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2010 14:04:13 -0700
> From: Kendall.Freese at Aerojet.com
> To: warthodson at aol.com; lapierrem at sbcglobal.net; healeys at Autox.Team.Net
> Subject: Re: [Healeys] Steering allignment
> I made a custom side rod with adjustable ends so I could try to achieve
> perfection in getting the tight spot in the center. It probably wasn't
> worth the bother now that new worms without the tight spot are
> available. Perhaps wear has continued on the peg or something and the
> steering is irritating again after less than 10000 miles. I am going to
> put in a new worm next winter.
> Ken Freese
> 65 BJ8
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