[Healeys] Not Healey - Triumph TR6 Master Cylinder

Peter Linn greylinn at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jun 1 14:18:08 MDT 2010

G'day Jonas

I've had the same problem on my BN1 (drum brakes) Seems it's possible for 
air to be drawn in past the master cylinder end seal when you release the 
pedal having closed the bleed nipple (don't know if TR6 is same design) The 
way I eventually got a pedal was (a) make sure bleed tube is full of fluid 
and goes upwards from nipple (b) instead of closing the bleed nipple after 
down stroke, wait until bubbles have risen far enough up the tube not to get 
sucked back in, then release pedal. This way fluid gets drawn back into 
cylinder/caliper rather than air elsewhere in the system. Air can also get 
sucked in via the threads on the bleed nipple, so I use Ezybleed sealant on 
the standard nipple threads.I've also found that the old "snake oil" remedy 
of jamming the pedal down hard overnight works!


Peter Linn
Brisbane Oz

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>A good friend and club member has a 1976 Triumph TR6 that he has replaced 
> M. Cylinder on.  It is one of the dual cct. Types.
> He and I have bench bled it, installed it on the car and tried to bleed it 
> but
> consistently get air from both sides of the front.  The rears are fine.
> This problem has manifested itself on 2 replacement master cylinders now. 
> I'm
> at a total loss.  The system is obviously taking in air somewhere, but 
> isn't
> leaking.
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