[Healeys] Heavy exhaust in car

David Nock healeydoc at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 1 10:09:14 MDT 2010

Take a close look at the length of your tail pipes. If they do not  
come a little past  the back edge or the bumper the aero dynamics of  
the car will cause the exhaust fumes to come forwareds into the  
cockpit .

We usually have to put a chrome extension on the ends of the  
replacement systems to prevent this problem.

David Nock
British Car Specialists
Stockton Ca 95205


On May 29, 2010, at 8:04 PM, Mark LaPierre wrote:

> I have been to the  local muffler shop for a check up/ tighten up  
> on the
> entire exhaust ,clamps
> and joints.   I even stood there while they did the work.
> There was one area that appeared to have some carbon build up so he  
> tightened
> things up with sealer and clamps.   The exhaust is new by the way.
> I still have some fumes coming into the cockpit,  however I do have  
> the trany
> tunnel off in order to make the final OD adjustments.    The  
> adjustments have
> been completed, thanks to the list and now I can button up the tunnel.
> Is it pretty fair to say that the  fumes are most likely being  
> sucked in to
> the cockpit from the rear
> tail pipe under the car and up through the trany opening?
> I guess I am just looking for some affirmation from anyone that has  
> been down
> this route.
> Mark
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