[Healeys] speaking of smoke machines

Freese, Ken Kendall.Freese at Aerojet.com
Tue Jun 1 09:25:11 MDT 2010

I used a party type smoke machine over the weekend to find a BJ8 intake
manifold leak and it passed. I had hoped it would fail so I could be
sure my diagnosis was correct. I plugged the smoke machine into the
brake booster port on the intake manifold. Plenty of smoke came out the
carbs so I sealed them up with tape and that was the last smoke I saw. I
tried putting the smoke up the tail pipes, but I guess it wasn't
powerful to make it to the engine. It looks like I will take change the
manifold gasket anyway. I think the commercial automotive smoke machines
put out 3 PSI or so.
I have never had success with the WD40 spray technique. How could anyone
do it on the bottom sides of the manifold branches with tube headers and
stuff in the way?
Ken Freese
65 BJ8

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Have you inadvertently let the smoke out of the wires on your classic
British car? This, then, is the solution to your problem!

Here is presented for your perusal one Lucas Replacement Wiring Harness
Smoke kit, P/N 530433, along with the very rare Churchill Tool 18G548BS
adapter tube and metering valve. These kits were supplied
surreptitiously to
Lucas factory technicians as a trouble-shooting and repair aid for the

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