[Healeys] Restoration Methods by Moment and Anderson

Elton Schulz eschulz at frontiernet.net
Wed Dec 31 18:56:13 MST 2008

Fellow Listers,
I ran across a couple of restoration articles by Roger Moment with Gary
Anderson that were published in the March/April/May 2008 issues of the
Austin-Healey magazine. But I have only Installments 19 and 20 which were
copied and sent to me by one of the Listers on this Healey site. The articles
I have are excellent and the rest sure would be a big help to me in my
restoration of a BJ7. My question - how can I obtain the entire set of
Your help would be much appreciated. And a Happy and Healthy New Year to you
Elton, BJ7 in progress

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