[Healeys] Dunlop Wire Wheel Restoration

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Wed Dec 31 15:22:13 MST 2008

Hello all,

First a quick history lesson.....

>From the beginning of Austin Healey production in mid 1953, all he BN1 cars up
'till mid summer 1954  approx. the first 4500 BN1's were equipped with the
earlier flat pressed hub 48 spoke painted Dunlop wire wheels. After that
point, the wheels fitted to the cars had a deeper depressed hub section and
the wires were laced with a slightly deeper bias, making for a stronger wheel
when sideways forces were applied.
However, these early wheels have a noticeable visual difference and when
attempting an accurate restoration on these cars, the early wheels should be
In the past, Dayton Wire Wheel Company were willing to strip, restore, relace
and finish these wheels for an obvious extra cost (not an issue here). It
seems as of now, they will no longer accept doing these wheel restorations any
Is there anybody else out there in the world who will restore these wheels?

Rich Chrysler

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