[Healeys] Restore a steering wheel

John Snyder helyjohn at cablespeed.com
Mon Dec 29 10:40:39 MST 2008

Backwards Unlimited does beautiful steering wheel restorations.  Their phone 
number is 360-697-1471.  I called them and asked about restoring one of my 
steering wheels, and the cost estimate was VERY expensive.  They did do one 
for a friend of mine who was restoring a Porsche Speedster, and cost was not 
a problem for him.  The Moss reproductions are very good, but you have to 
carefully remove the mold parting line.  Not to hard to do if you take your 

John Snyder

> Who can restore a standard Healey 3000 steering wheel.
> Tracy Drummond                  Gang Warily !
> President AHCUSA              www.healey.org

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