[Healeys] advice on engine pull

Skip Saunders tfsbj7 at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 29 09:22:38 MST 2008

I've performed the operation several times.... (I did it 3 times in one
week!!!...don't ask!)...with my BJ8.  My preferred method is to remove the
carburetors.  Yes, the rear carburetor lower nuts are a bit challenging to
remove, but can be accomplished with a short wrench.   Anyway, once the
carburetors and radiator is removed, the rest of the operation is a piece of
cake.   Just disconnect the obvious wires and pipes, take off the rocker
cover, and per the original service manual, hook up a chain fall (or just a
length of chain if you don't have a fancy chain fall) to one of the front
and one of the rear rocker arm bolts (the appropriate bolts are obvious,
since they are a bit longer than the others.)    

Disconnect and remove the seats, center console, and shift lever.    Also
disconnect the obvious wires and bolts and you are about ready.

The trick is to lift the engine-tranny combination in such a way that it
severely tilts towards the rear.   As it is lifted, you want the top of the
tranny to just clear the scuttle at the same time as the lower front of the
oil pan clears the front of the engine bay.    I sometimes just roll the car
backwards to help clear the enginge=tranny from the car, othertimes, I use
the engine hoist wheels to roll the engine away from the car.  In any case,
more height is usually needed to get the transmission to clear the engine
bay.   However the whole process can be completed in about 3 hrs.   

Personally, I think it is easy enough, that I prefer to pull the
engine-transmission for any work on either engine or transmission (or
clutch).   With the carbs off, the whole assembly can be quite easily
maneuvered without danger of damaging the paint.... so my "advice" on engine
pull, is to pull the whole assembly.


In the near future I'll find myself pulling the engine out of my 3000.

What do the experienced of you suggest how to do that? Together with gearbox
& O/D, gearbox & O/D first via cockpit or any other method?
Thank you for your suggestions.


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