[Healeys] rear end ratio question

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Dec 28 13:11:56 MST 2008


I have a 3.5 rearend in my BJ8, which has a stock engine and 22% O/D.  
Starting from stopped requires a little more finessing of the clutch to 
prevent judder, first and second gears are more usable for the most part 
and hill climbs are a wash (hills I used to lug a little in third I now 
take in second with more revs and more torque on tap).

Overall, the 3.5 is an improvement in drivability, esp. on the highway 
but perhaps not on a short track (I wouldn't mind a 28% O/D, either).  I 
think a stronger engine like yours would be even better.


Brits'n'Pieces (Eric Frenken) wrote:
> While rebuilding my engine (3000 cc) I'll have it modified to an expected
> output of about 150-170 bhp. What kind of rear end ratio do you suggest? As
> it is an early centre shift gearbox with O/D, the original ratio is 3.909.
> Can you recommend a 3.545 ratio with this setup.
> Thank you for all your advice.
> Eric

Bob Spidell           San Jose, CA            bspidell at comcast.net

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