[Healeys] Original California Plates

ATIGHTPROD at aol.com ATIGHTPROD at aol.com
Sun Dec 28 12:43:39 MST 2008

> If you have a CA license plate that is original to the car between  the
> year 1954 and 1967 I would like to know your plate number. Although  CA
> only allows YOM thru 1962 on July 1, 2009 this will be changed  to
> 1969.
I'm sure my car was issued a yellow plate when bought in California in  1953, 
but I have no idea as to what it was. I do  have original black plate issued 
to it though, in what year I'm not  sure, but it's QAV 615.
    Hope this helps,
Steven Kingsbury
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