[Healeys] Rear End Install

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The diff input flange and the prop shaft flange do not have evenly spaced 
bolt holes, so you can only have it line up every 180 degrees. Same at the 
output flange of the gearbox.  However, make sure that the prop shaft 
assembly itself has not been apart at the sliding splines and realigned onto 
the wrong splines, causing it to be out of alignment. The U joints and 
therefore end coupling flanges must be in line at both ends of the prop 
shaft assembly.

Rich Chrysler

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> When installing the rear end how do you know where to position the flange 
> to
> match up with the prop shaft (not installed yet) later?
> Or is this something you align later by loosing the U bolts when the 
> tranny
> and shaft are being installed?
> Thanks,
> Simon
> 1959 BT7
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