[Healeys] Annoying noise from steering column

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
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This is a SWAG ("Scientific Wild-Assed Guess"), but we're rebuilding our 
100's steering and noticed a couple parts ( 
) which might apply.  These are rubber rings--probably square-cut 
O-rings--which are sometimes described as 'anti-rattle' and appear to be 
used to keep the steering shaft from contacting the steering sleeve.  I 
would imagine this noise would be most noticeable at idle and slow 
speed.  Ours were missing but there are a couple of rubbery smears on 
the shaft where they might have been 50 or so years ago.


Peter Ehn wrote:
> Hello all!
> This summer, after rebuilding my entire engine and getting it tight and smooth
> and quiet, I now have a new issue to deal with (perhaps because I haven't
> heard it earlier):
> At idleing speed, I have a very annoying noise coming from my steering column.
> It sort of goes "cloink-cloink-cloink" in beat with the engine vibrations.
> This bugs me, because the car otherwise "ticks like a clock". At higher revs
> it is not audible. If I, e.g. when at a stop, hear this noise, and slightly
> put pressure on the steering wheel (right or left) it seizes. At idle again,
> standing at the engine bay, I can actually feel and hear vibrations approx.
> 40-50 cm in front of the firewall.
> Is it the stator tube? Or ? Should I dismantle the whole steering column an
> steering gear? Alot of work for a little noise, but who said we're not crazy?
> Appreciate any ideas or experience of something like this.
> Brgds, Peter Ehn
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