[Healeys] Re-installing Tranny?

scott willis ahpowered at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 28 09:20:13 MST 2008

Hi folks,

I pulled my tranny yesterday to sort the problems I am having in 1st and

What is the best way to wrestle the tranny back into place once I have the
tranny sorted? It was hell getting it out. I cannot imagine doing it with a
restored car without nicking and scraping something. I used a little floor
jack and a board to keep it from dropping. What is the best way to keep it
level when I reinstall it?

Weakly yours,

Scott Willis
Mashed 60 BN7 AH Club USA
59 MGA
66 E-Type FHC

BG Euro Classics Car Club President
Bowling Green, KY

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