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I'll give you my plate numbers but remember it's not that simple, e.g. my
'55 BN1 built Jan. 11 '55 is registered as a '56 indicating that it was sold
new in '56.  Its original yellow plates with black lettering are *HLD 498*.
And noo, I don't know when in '56 it was sold.  It then was issued black
plates with yellow lettering in '63 with the plate changeover.  This plate
is *QEB 858*.

Our Bugeye is a late one AN5L 43625 built in '60.  It currently has black
plates *KRD 888*, but would have originally had the yellow plates, however I
don't know what they were.

In fact if you remember, when your plates were issued, they gave you a small
colored key fob with the plates. I have both these key fobs for my 100 which
is one reason I know what yellow plates were issued from new.



PS  The 100 is currently registered with the CA vanity plate "HEALEY."

On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 5:46 PM, F. Ronald Rader
<f.ronald.rader at gmail.com>wrote:

> I am looking for California cars with the correct original year of
> manufacture plates for several cars.
> I want not only the correct color plates but the correct number
> sequence that was issued that year.
> I looked for a list on line but only found the year ranges.
> If you have a CA license plate that is original to the car between the
> year 1954 and 1967 I would like to know your plate number. Although CA
> only allows YOM thru 1962 on July 1, 2009 this will be changed to
> 1969.
> I will create a list and share it when I am finished.
> Thanks
> ron rader
> 1954 Nash Healey
> 1956 Lincoln Continental
> 1961 XK 150
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