[Healeys] Exhaust manifold coating

Neil Anderson nlaredbt7 at tbc.net
Sat Dec 27 14:51:50 MST 2008

Hi Marion,

I suppose that my coatings manufacturer could be approached to try to
replicate a Healey engine color if a "standard" color could be agreed upon by
the concours committees, but I am not sure that has been done.  The
formulating of a color for fairly small batch use may make it cost prohibitive

There are other ceramic exhaust coating colors available besides the ones I
mentioned, but I think they tend to be more brighter colors possibly favored
by the "hot-rod" crowd.  I haven't tried any of those colors for many years.
I had mixed results at that time.  Maybe they cover better now.

As for painting over an exhaust coating with a commercially available Healey
green engine paint, I would assume it may burn off or discolor like being
painted over an uncoated manifold even though the coated manifold may insulate
the paint somewhat.  The paint would still have to be able to withstand
800-1000 degree temps without burning.(exhaust temps usually run about 1100
degrees or more, depending on the application)  It would be worth a try
though.  At worst, you would just end up with a ceramic coated manifold.

I know there isn't a coating that simulates a "rust" appearance.  There is one
called "cast iron grey" that looks like freshly blasted cast iron that I have
done on a couple of Healey manifolds.  At least it doesn't rust.  I would
favor either grey or black on a big Healey, but my Sprite will have a polished
silver LCB header.

Neil Anderson
Midwest Healey Club

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