[Healeys] Exhaust manifold coating

Neil Anderson nlaredbt7 at tbc.net
Sat Dec 27 10:23:28 MST 2008

> Any recommendations on exhaust manifold coatings (Jet-Hot, etc.)?  Good,
> bad, indifferent?  Favorites?


I can recommend that a properly applied high temp metallic ceramic exhaust
coating (nornally, just called "ceramic coatings") is the way to go.
Whether you use Jet-Hot, HPC, or a local exhaust coating service provider,
like myself, it should give you years of trouble free service.

Although it is claimed by exhaust coatings manufacturers that there is
reduction of underhood temps, it may be difficult to realize how much in a
street car under normal use.  Racers using big bore headers may be able to
see a noticeable difference, but side-by-side compasison tests of coated
versus uncoated exhaust parts, under the same conditions, would have to be
conducted to really see how much.

The main reason I feel to do exhaust coatings is that your don't have to
keep recoating them on a regular basis, improving under bonnet appearance
and the saving of the labor of removing the exhaust system to recoat
manifolds, etc.  Unlike Patrick Quinns' experience, on all the exhaust parts
I have coated over the years, I have never had a customer come back to say
the coating came off or parts started rusting after use.

The black and grey coatings that I use are solvent based and provide a
slightly higher temp protection for the system parts than the silver
coatings, which are water based.  They all work well if properly applied and
properly cured.  It just really depends on which color you prefer.  The
silver coating can be burnished to a very high mirror-like luster.  On our
Healeys none of these coatings are going to be "concours", as the exhaust
manifold was painted engine color with the engine, which quickly burned off
during initial use to leave a manifold that rusted.

I hope this may help.

Neil Anderson
'60 BT7
'59 Bugeye project

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