[Healeys] Zinc in springs

Daniel and Diane White dwhite4949 at wowway.com
Sat Dec 27 07:12:09 MST 2008

> Listers,
> A while back, there was a discussion on the types of liners used between leafs on rear springs.  According to my catalogs, the later cars used rubber strips, but our BN2 has metal strips which, if I recall, are made of zinc.
> Does anyone know the type of zinc alloy (or pure zinc) used?  Also, does anyone know a source for the strips or for zinc sheet in the correct type and thickness?  Alternatives (think teflon was mentioned)?
> TIA,
> Bob


When I re did my leaf springs I checked all the spring shops in my area 
(metro Detroit) and struck out as far as finding the proper zinc 
material.  I decided against teflon because I wanted to stay as 
original.  I finally found a source that has the proper thickness (they 
use it to make kitchen counter tops) and had them ship me a big roll of 
it.  I used what I needed from it and my repair shop that rebuilt my 
springs now has the rest of it.  If you like I can furnish more details. 
   Maybe my shop will cut the required pieces and send them to you for a 
reasonable price.

'62 BN7 Mk II

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