[Healeys] Healeys Return to Bonneville - PART 1

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I have just sent the below press releases to AH clubs and thought you would
like to see it as well. Of course there are no photos attached, but if you
would like to see what the Streamliner looks like just let me know and I
will send.


Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day.


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Most Austin-Healey owners would be well aware of the heritage that our cars
enjoy. We have read about the successes of the marque in such iconic events
as Le Mans, Sebring and the Liege-Rome-Liege. Many of us would also know of
the successes that Donald Healey himself had on the salt flats of Bonneville
from 1953 to 1956. 


In what will no doubt be the most exciting event in modern Austin-Healey
history, two very special Austin-Healey 100s reconstructed in Australia, are
set to return to the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2009.


In 1953 the Donald Healey Motor Company built a special Austin-Healey 100
with the aim of setting both high speed as well as endurance records. This
car, looking not too dissimilar to a standard 100 was driven by Donald
Healey himself, George Eyston, Carroll Shelby, Mort Goodall and Roy Jackson


The following year they went back, more ambitious than before. Not only did
they return with the more developed Endurance car from the year before, but
also a special Streamliner that was based on a standard chassis, but with
its body fitted with an extended nose and tail plus a stabilising fin.


The endurance car went on to bag a whole raft of long-distance records from
200km to 5,000km and 1 to 24 hours, while the Streamliner, with Donald
Healey at the wheel achieved a high of 192.74 mph. 


While the two cars were brought back to England, the Streamliner returned to
Bonneville in 1956 with further modifications and 100-Six power where it was
even more successful. 



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