[Healeys] Brake Drums and Badge Question

Simon & Christine Atkinson satkinson7314 at charter.net
Tue Dec 23 18:46:24 MST 2008



Couple of questions for the forum..


1.	I just purchased a new set of rear drums for my 59 BT7 from Moss.
The outside of the drum is smooth and does not have the "ribs" (which I
pulled off the car - cannot confirm if these were every replaced). Which are
correct? My car was shipped from the factory with wire wheels and has front


2.	My car does not appear to be numbers matching. engine is a #26 when
should be 29D-RU-H/239. However, the badges and steering horn button all say
"100/6". The car/chassis number and body number match (chassis = HBT7L/181 :
Body 152) and the original color matches on the BMHT factory record of Green
over Green (sorry but not the color it will be after the resto!). What are
the chances that someone thru the years put the 100/6 ID badges/horn on the
car thinking it was a 100/6? I find it hard to believe the factory would do





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