[Healeys] Rods for 3000

Herbert Miller hgmiller3 at qwest.net
Tue Dec 23 15:54:39 MST 2008


I an building a spare street 3000 engine from parts acquired years ago. Had
the crank turned 10 under both mains and rod journals as I had new 10 under
main and rod bearings.  Took my rods to my trusted machine shop for
inspection and balance. Bad news. Several of the big ends were out of round
by up to 2.5 to 3 thousands. Called a Healey racing friend who generously
gave me a set of stock rods he had laying around, as he uses special rods
for racing. Report from machine shop, not much better than my originals. Out
of round about the same. Big end measured with caps torqued to 50 ft lbs.
The original rods had +15 stamped on the side of the big end. The second set
had +10 to +16 stamped on them. 


1.	What do the numbers stamped on the rods mean? Are they factory?
2.	Is there a substitute rod that will work? Please do not recommend

One fix is to grind material off the rod end and the cap and resize the big
end. Machine shop says about $400.

A second option would be over size OD bearing shells, thus a simple honing
of the big end. Does any one know if these are available?

A third option are used rods fro UK. $130 each. But how do I know these will
have round big ends?

Any advice is welcome.



60 AN5

62 BT7

67 BJ8

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