[Healeys] Trafficatorologist Question

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
Sat Dec 20 05:11:14 MST 2008

I have rereviewed some of the online pictures and personal file pictures.   I
was really
hoping that I would never have to travel down this path again in my life time.
I have installed my adjustable trafficator after dubious fiddling and diddling
collecting replacement parts and restoring ideas, only to now witness a very
chrome turn signal lever now that the whole thing is installed.

Is there a hidden peep hole/ access hole in which to insert a jewelers screw
driver and tighten
this thing up or is this just another gotcha Healeyism that I should have been
more focused on
when I was in there.

If no access hole,  then simplest ,  non-pita procedure

Thanks,   Mark

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