[Healeys] knock

James Shope healeymanjim at hansencc.net
Thu Dec 18 21:13:31 MST 2008

hate to admit defeat, but cannot seem to find source of knocking in front end
of bj8.  whenever the car is moving and brakes are applied, i hear a knock
from the drivers side and sometimes on pax side also.  since i also hear the
knock when rolling down the driveway at an angle to the curb, with or without
motor running and the brake pedal no depressed, i have eliminated brakes and
motor mounts.  i have pulled both steering gear and idler, new bearings and
bushings, seals, etc., and adjusted out all slack.  checked tie rod ends and
cross arms and end joints appear very tight and well greased.  removed sway
bar and no change.  pulled the big nuts off bottom off king pins and they are
in excellent condition.  no slack in king pins, laterally or vertically.
shocks are as tight as i can get them without stripping.  no play in wheel
bearings and hubs are super tight.   since it appears to be coming from upper
part of suspension, as confirmed with another healey owner, does anyone have
any idea what i might be missing in my search.    hjim

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