[Healeys] Holes in Frame Rails

Quinn, Patrick Patrick.Quinn at det.nsw.edu.au
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G'day Rich

The Austin-Healey chassis is a piece of Healey History that is often

While Jensen Brothers undertook the assembly of the Austin-Healey they
did not make the chassis. It was made by Thompson Motor Pressings of
Wolverhampton and delivered to Jensen for initially assembly before
being trucked to BMC for final assembly.

Thompson Motor Pressings also made chassis for many other manufacturers,
but like so many British companies connected with the automotive
industry went under when the industry self destructed.

It was part of a much larger combine that made anything from electric
stoves to the hardware for nuclear power plants.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Sydney, Australia

Near as we can tell these seem to be fixture locating holes for the jigs

Jensen used when assembling these chassis.

Rich Chrysler

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> Speaking of holes, my BJ8 has a few (apparently) factory-installed
> in the frame rails.  These would make sense for drainage, but they're
> (supposed to be) plugged with rubber plugs.  But, our BN2 does not
> these holes--anyone know why?  BMC's idea of a chassis lightening
> Do others' BJX cars have them (could be someone drilled them, but they

> look "factory")?
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