[Healeys] Healey salad bar!

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Mr C's.  Part of the Caniglia family.  It closed earlier this year.  The place was always decorated like it was Christmas.  World's best collection of Elvis decanters.  And, an Italian fishing village relief diorama featuring JFK, Frank Sinatra, and the Pope.

I really liked that place.


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>I lived in Omaha for three years in the late 70's.  Don't remember the Healey bar then---but maybe it wasn't there then.  But--there was a wonderful Italian rest on the North side called "Mr------------- ?  Can't remember the name, but it was GOOD.
>Do you know Greg?
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>> That rings a bell, but now that you mention it I think I've got it, 
>> Pefferonis was the name, at least that was the name of a chain of pizza 
>> restaurants in Omaha at that time, and it coincides with my memory of it 
>> being a pizza or Italian place.  I live in Lincoln, but have car freinds in 
>> Omaha who I know remember it, will see if I can get some pics for the 
>> enlightenment of the list.
>> Greg Lemon
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