[Healeys] clutch question

Michael Salter msalter at precisionsportscar.com
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Hi Brad,
If you put a 2' piece of pipe over the clutch arm you should be able to
disengage the clutch by pulling back on the end of the pipe. You will of
course have to lay the engine on its side to do that and you may need to use
something to stop the assembly moving about.
If you have any doubts definitely make sure everything is correct before
installing the engine and gearbox. 

Michael Salter
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Can anyone tell me how much force is needed to manually disengage a clutch?
have just mated my tranny and engine and attempted to work the clutch fork
lever to no avail, the fork moves freely until the release bearing meets the
pressure plate but I cannot move it any further, I even tried a long pry bar
until I was afraid of breaking the fork. I did not install the clutch and
wonder if it might be defective or installed improperly. Many thanks.

Brad Holden
67 BJ8

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