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Fri Dec 12 20:54:31 MST 2008

(If the person that owned 
the Healey is one of the list members I  would really appreciate it if 
he would let us know what type of muffler he  had!)

Hi John-
My brother and I attended the 2002 Healey International at South Lake  Tahoe. 
We were in my BJ8, Blackie, with the side exit exhaust.
The muffler and side exit pipes were purchased from Hemphill's Healey  Haven 
Ltd. in Baltimore, MD.
In their catalog the system was described as a "Large Bore Stainless  Muffler 
With Side Pipes" and was the same system that was available from the SC  
Parts Group which they described as a Bigbore silencer. 
I like the sound of the systems so well that I bought a second set  with the 
larger 1&3/4" rear exit pipes. It is easy enough for me to  switch from the 
side exit to the rear exit pipes. And I do alternate from time  to time 
depending upon who is going to be my passenger.   
(The attached picture is the current look of Blackie after some cosmetic  
body work. I.e. wing louvers, openings below the grill for air flow to the oil  
cooler, removal of mirrors from the wings, and removal of the radio antennae  
from the right side of the cowl. Not sure that you can see the side exit pipes  
in this picture but they are on her.)

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