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Fri Dec 12 04:15:02 MST 2008

   additional features for the factory luggage rack:
   1. makes a superb rear badge bar
   2.  can be set up for an additional rear brake light
   3.  could carry as many as three additional spares
   Dec 11, 2008 06:22:34 PM, rjswain at hotmail.com wrote:

     Thanks to all who responded to my questions about concerns over the
     factory-style  luggage  rack.  Since some of the replies came to me
     alone and not
     the  list,  I  thought  I'd  share the information.First of all, it
     seems that the
     fellow  I  talked to who tried to persuade me not to install one of
     these racks
     is  the  only  person  with  negative  comments  about them. I even
     telephoned the
     person  he  gave his rack to (he said "gave"; the new owner said he
     paid $200
     for  it)  and  he thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.
     One reply
     came  from  a dealer who has installed about 15 factory-style racks
     with no
     complaints about chrome wearing off the bumper or wear in the hinge
     pin holes.
     He did say that no two racks seem to fit the same but the beauty of
     this rack
     is  no weight on the trunk lid. Another respondent said that he had
     used one of
     these   racks  for  over  5  years  with  no  problems  and  highly
     recommended them.Two
     people suggested the Cape racks and both had them on their cars for
     years.  Although  they  are  pricey one commented that the exchange
     rate is good
     at  the  moment.  It  might  be  good  if  you're  an  American but
     unfortunately I work
     with  Canadian  dollars.  I  got a comment from someone who saw the
     response about
     the  Cape  racks  and  he  experienced  paint  wear  under the rear
     person  suggested  trying  to  find  an Amco rack that mounted with
     rubber suction
     cups  to  which  someone  else commented that the suction cups were
     hard on paint.
     He also advised against the Amco permanent racks because they are a
     person  suggested  the Holden factory-style rack. I checked and the
     price was
     good  -  little  more  than  half  the price of a Cape rack.Someone
     suggested I
     forget  a  rack and consider a small trailer.That's about it. Lot's
     to think
     about and, apart from my friend, nothing negative about the factory
     rack.  I'm  leaning in that direction.CheersRick'59 BN4 - hopefully
     will be completed in time to use a luggage rack next summer
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