[Healeys] Speaking of the M modification..

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I guess if you have a hard time finding a Factory 100-S a Factory 100-M will 
have to do.........
I looked on the Nada site last week  the 100-M was around $115,000. USD and 
the 100-S was Around $189,000 USD . the 100-S is way under priced  .

When a 1959 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar is selling  for $25K USD, 
Art youu can play, a Factory 100M for $115 K  might not be a bad deal ,Art 
you can drive. A BJ8 phase II car on NADA is $78,100. K

Vancouver BC

Rich folk pay millions for paintings, whatever turns your crank.......
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> Tadek,
> The LeMans cars had big bore side exhausts.
> There were a lot of modifications, that did not make it to the kit, i.e. 
> all
> aluminium body, different larger tank, aluminium bumpers, no louvered 
> bonnet
> (only for 100S cars), no soft top. 100Ms were not at all close to the real
> LeMany cars. For me a 100M is still nothing else than a bid of a modified
> ordinary 100 and I still do not understand this glorification of the 
> 100Ms. It
> is like you order the sportiver option of a car. And even the modification 
> at
> the Healey factory (Cape) was done in the style of a backyard garage. For 
> me
> the 100M is highly overestimated by some enthusiasts. A 100S is a 
> different
> car.
> Jaguar did similar with the XKs and fitted high performance cylinder heads 
> as
> an option.  But there is not at all such kind of different rating.
> I know other may think different. But I just see it from the technical 
> point
> of view.
> Josef Eckert
> Konigswinter/Germany
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> Does anyone know if there were any modifications to the exhaust system
> originally for the LeMans race? Or any other modifications that did not 
> make
> it's way to the kit?
> tadek
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