[Healeys] upgrading a Healey

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Kenny, The healey was my car when I was 17 years old.  I bought two 1959
100-6 , BN6 in 1978 that were a mess, I still own one, I haven't driven
it since 1980 and I just got the frame and body re-done, I expect to
take another 5 years to restore it.  If that's not love I don't know
what is.
I might love that car more than my wife, I've had it longer....

The difference is the car doesn't complain as much.

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Hey Guys,

I feel you can't put a price on happiness, pride, or the love of
..... I could care less if the cars were worth what I paid for my fist
when I was 17 years old  $325.00 or if they go up to $325,000.00. If it
good do it its your car enjoy, life is short..........

Vancouver BC
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