[Healeys] Speaking of the M modification..

Josef.Eckert at t-systems.com Josef.Eckert at t-systems.com
Wed Dec 10 13:13:30 MST 2008

The LeMans cars had big bore side exhausts.
There were a lot of modifications, that did not make it to the kit, i.e. all
aluminium body, different larger tank, aluminium bumpers, no louvered bonnet
(only for 100S cars), no soft top. 100Ms were not at all close to the real
LeMany cars. For me a 100M is still nothing else than a bid of a modified
ordinary 100 and I still do not understand this glorification of the 100Ms. It
is like you order the sportiver option of a car. And even the modification at
the Healey factory (Cape) was done in the style of a backyard garage. For me
the 100M is highly overestimated by some enthusiasts. A 100S is a different
Jaguar did similar with the XKs and fitted high performance cylinder heads as
an option.  But there is not at all such kind of different rating.
I know other may think different. But I just see it from the technical point
of view.

Josef Eckert

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Does anyone know if there were any modifications to the exhaust system
originally for the LeMans race? Or any other modifications that did not make
it's way to the kit?


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