[Healeys] Spark Plugs

rjhco rjh.co at tx.rr.com
Wed Dec 10 10:06:28 MST 2008

<I would like to know what plugs are being used in 6 cyl. engines with 9.5 -

10 to 1 compression ratios. 
Gary Hodson>

For stock 6 cylinder engines use these NGK plugs or other brand equivalents:

BPR5EGP, platinum;  NGK stock #7082
BPR5EIX, iridium;  NGK stock #6597

For modified engines use a 6 heat range.  Same letters but with a 6;
different stock numbers.

In ether event, read the plugs after initial use to insure that you are in
the proper heat range.
Best regards,
Jim Hockert
BJ8 Open roads car

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