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Cynthia Nesheim nesheim at quiknet.com
Wed Dec 10 09:58:24 MST 2008

Hi Bob,

This is not an inexpensive fix but it looks great and sounds  
wonderful. If you still have
you original radio or can get your hands on one or a good looking  
vintage, a company
  called S & M Electro Tech will put a modern am/fm radio in the  
original case. The only thing different in looks
will be a small LED light on the face for FM mono, FM stereo, and AM.  
We had them
add a jack for our ipod so there will also be a very small toggle  
switch that you can mount
anywhere.  The jack will be out of sight so we put in a cord  that  
stays in the car and we just plug in the ipod.
S & M first put the jack on the side off the radio and it
interfered with the speakers we put on the side so they nicely
moved it to the back for us. You will want to tell them were you want  
the jack.
We have had our Healey for over 40 years so it has been through all  
the musical formats
changes with us; AM radio, AM/FM, 8 track, cassette, sony 10 CD  
changer in the truck:
but this system is the best. Most Healey guys say you only need the  
roar of the engine for music
but we think having our whole music library as accompaniment makes our  
California foothill Healey
driving twice as nice.

Gary and Cyndy Nesheim
1967 Austin Healey BJ8

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