[Healeys] upgrading a healey

Tadeusz Malkiewicz tadeusz.malkiewicz at plusnet.pl
Wed Dec 10 07:16:56 MST 2008

I think there are many more aspects to the value of the Healey than just the
M conversion.. If I may rank them, they would be in the order:
1. rustfreeness
2. no bodywork, or body work which was done professionally
the above 2 should result in:
3. no bondo no the car :-)
4. originalty
5. completeness

Once these are there, the value of the car is at a X level.

If the car is good, original, well done, the original modifications will
take the value of the car up. But if the car is tatty, M modifications will
not help.. This can be often seen on eBay, where M modifications on rougher
cars do not really add to the value of the car, but on good cars can raise
the value.

That being said, I am not sure the value of the M upgrade using modern parts
(probably of about $10k) will increase the value of the car that much..

Also, each modification that is not original takes this value down, but
modifications that are according to the original specs take the value of the
car up.

I am not taking obviously about concourse cars aiming for 100% originality -
they would probably fall into a different class...

Best, Tadek

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