[Healeys] BN2 Steering wheel removal

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I know this must have been discussed at some point, but does anyone have any good tips when attempting to remove the steering wheel?


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> Hi Stephen, 
> You need to purchase a Pitman Arm Puller. They have them at Princess Auto 
> item #8105223. 
> The jaws of the puller have to be trimmed slightly to fit over the shaft 
> between the arm and the body. 
> Then you install the castellated nut upside down until its face is just 
> level with the end of the thread to protect the shaft. 
> I then slide a small piece of 3/8" steel plate between the end of the 
> forcing screw and the nut/shaft for further protection. This will prevent 
> the end of the shaft collapsing as a result of its being weakened where the 
> split pin hole is drilled. 
> Tighten the hex on the puller, I use an impact gun, and Bob's your uncle. 
> Wear safety glasses, they come off with a bit of a bang. 
> Michael Salter 
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> Bugeye (1961) 
> http://www.netbug.net/blogmichael/?p=432 
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> I'm having a hell of a time removing the steering levers from the 
> idler and steering box. 
> I soaked the area in penetrant for days, then applied some heat (not 
> the serious, de-tempering kind) and used my puller, but the force I 
> had to use made me fear I'd break the pulling "ears" on the arms. 
> They are back to soaking while I think about this. 
> It occurred to me that it might be effective to put in a spacer and 
> screw the castellated nut back on, which would theoretically get it 
> moving further on to the splines , and once it's moving make it 
> easier to withdraw. 
> Any thoughts from the more experienced? 
> Thanks, 
> Stephen, BJ8 
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