[Healeys] rear seat and foam question????

Randy Dickson rdickson at midwestarchaeology.com
Tue Dec 9 17:28:48 MST 2008

Thanks a lot for the info on the rear seats.  I'm providing the woman
upholstering my seat with pics and the Moss video.  I figure if it is too
thick or thin, I can always adjust by removing or adding foam to the seat.
I have done everything on my car except these seats and pull the trigger on
the paint gun.  I just can't work with leather or cloth.  I can't even make
a bed or fold a t-shirt worth a sh*t.
I will use nothing on the rear seat other than what is there currently.  My
older brother had an all original 1963 BJ7 (#19669) he bought used in 1969
for $425.  As a kid I used to sit in the rear seats a lot.  They were vinyl
and very thin as I recall.  I didn't know if they just got that way from use
or were already that way.  Thanks again.  Your help is incredible in putting
my car together.


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Well to start with they never used leather on the little rear seats. They
used a very thin vinyl and it was padded only very slightly (less than
1/8"). Therefore you are already probably starting with too much thickness.
I hope the woman who is building up your front seats has some idea of what
they are supposed to look like in the matter of form and contour.
I just had the opportunity to inspect a totally original BJ7 yesterday, and
after 45 years the rear seats give the impression of having no thickness or
padding at all except in the middle pleats, though what was there was a very

thin cotton gauze. The pleats were laced down through little holes in the
seat pan to keep them down. The old original vinyl is almost paper thin.

Rich Chrysler

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> Fellow Healeyoids,
> I have a simple question  regarding the rear seat on my 63 BJ7.  I have a
> complete leather interior kit from AH Spares.  I have a woman who does
> upholstery on old cars and she is going to cover the front seats, but Im
> trying to tackle the rear seats by myself.  I have already done the rear
> squab and it looks nice.
> My question is, how thick is the foam padding, (if any) that is used on
> top
> of the rear seat pans.  The leather kit already has some thin foam sewn on
> the backside of the leather.  Probably 3/8 or so.  Also, how dense is the
> foam, is it like landau form that is used on the backs of the uppers of
> the
> front seat?  I was thinking that it cant be too thick like < or less
> otherwise the leather wont come around the sides of the seat pan nicely.
> Thanks in advance!

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