[Healeys] Side Exit Exhaust

Awgertoo at aol.com Awgertoo at aol.com
Tue Dec 9 15:14:52 MST 2008

When I put the DW AL head and steel header on my 100 I originally  opted for 
the side exhaust, in part to give more ground clearance as well  as because 
that is what I had on my first Healey a long time ago and I  thought it would 
really be cool.  
After a year or so I got tired of the hammering sound and had a  muffler guy 
extend the pipe all the way to the rear which is much more  pleasant.  
Remember to disconnect your ground if you are having any  welding done.
Best--Michael Oritt
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britishcars at shaw.ca writes:

Does  anybody out there use Denis Welch Side Exits 

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