[Healeys] Luggage Rack

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 8 16:43:36 MST 2008

Hey Rick how bout doin your own thing and go with a LBCT.    Many styles 
 very light weight,  a lot of room,   and you can actually see the semi 
trucks coming
up behind you rather than just hearing them.


Oh, that would be Lil British Car Trailer.

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> I'm looking to increase the luggage capacity of my BN4. I'm considering a
> factory style luggage rack because I don't want to drill holes in my boot 
> lid
> since I've just spent a lot of time restoring it. This weekend I spoke to 
> a
> fellow with a BJ8 who had a factory rack but got rid of it because the 
> feet
> wore the chrome on his rear bumper and the bolts in the boot lid hinges
> enlarged the holes. Has anyone else had similar problems? What has your
> experience been? Thanks in advance Rick Swain'59 BN4
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