[Healeys] Trunk / boot hinges

andy pole ampole at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 8 14:08:25 MST 2008


Just a word of warning with the discussion on boot hinges/ rack.

When my bodywork was done by Phil an expert in Healeys, he would love to rant
about shoddy reproduction boot hinges and the excessive play, and crap
construction. He therefore said it was better to have mine repinned by his
machinist. Unfortunately even though they looked brilliant and came back with
no play, we found they need some play as the shrouds are probably not true and
need some play in the hinges to accomodate any variance in the curvature of
the shroud and true parrallel'ness' of the hinges.
With no play the left hinge would  pivot on opening and the pointed shroud end
dig in and mark the paint. Hence the hinges going back to be re-re-machined
with a bit more play:) and the shroud repainted.

So perhaps not all those chinese reproductions are 'crap' and they knew they
needed some play!

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