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I installed and used one of these original BMC style stand up luggage racks 
for years on my tricarb BT7. I was very happy with it, and highly recommend 
it to anybody contemplating installing one. I can only suppose the chrome on 
the bumper of the fellow you spoke to must have been thin or inferior in 
some way. the chrome feet are rubber tipped where they rest on the bumper. 
As for the holes in the hinges wearing thin, the only wear possible would be 
each time the hinges pivot, and I can't imagine that being too frequently.

Rich Chrysler

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> I'm looking to increase the luggage capacity of my BN4. I'm considering a
> factory style luggage rack because I don't want to drill holes in my boot 
> lid
> since I've just spent a lot of time restoring it. This weekend I spoke to 
> a
> fellow with a BJ8 who had a factory rack but got rid of it because the 
> feet
> wore the chrome on his rear bumper and the bolts in the boot lid hinges
> enlarged the holes. Has anyone else had similar problems? What has your
> experience been? Thanks in advance Rick Swain'59 BN4
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