[Healeys] My trunk still does not fit

Ronald Corazzo roncorazzo02 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 20:34:26 MST 2008

This is what I am going to try;

All the wholes on the inside of the trunk correspond to the wholes underneath.  Instead of rivets, I put in screw, washer, a rubber washer, spacer, another washer then a nut. All of them are at an angle pointing out towards that back end if the car.  I think if I push out the trunk so all the screws are strait down, the trunk lid should fit.   I am also going to bring my trunk lid over to a friends place to see if the trunk curve is starter then it was originally.  

I thought of this after seeing the curve on the back part of the hood was straightened after 20 years of sitting in the rafters. The trunk lid probable did the same thing  



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