[Healeys] Cam followers for Six cylinder engine

Skip Saunders tfsbj7 at mindspring.com
Sat Dec 6 20:28:11 MST 2008

If the cam follower bottoms were pitted, you might like to take a close look
at the cam.... pitted lobes will ruin your new cam followers very quickly...

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Just measured 4 camfollowers  recently removed from my daughters ' 63 BJ7.

Bottom of follower - Ave. 0.936"  dia. = 23.77 mms

Top of follower - Ave. 0.935"  dia.  = 23.74 mms

Reason for removal - the engine was emitting quite a loud knocking/clicking
sound from the inner depths directly related to the engine rpm.

Replaced with new cam followers and pushrods, set the tappet clearance to
the factory recommended 0.012" when  the engine was quite hot - problem

The base of each follower had become fairly well pitted which I believe is
quite common in the 6 cylinder Austin engine.


Peter Hunt
' 62 BT7

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