[Healeys] Friday funny

Freese, Ken Kendall.Freese at Aerojet.com
Thu Dec 4 16:02:56 MST 2008

>From an old letters column:

Quite some time ago, before fiberglass tops for sports cars had been
developed, a friend of mine built one for his Jaguar XK-120, which later
proved to be the pattern for the others that followed. Just after he
fixed it to his car he drove to Long Beach for a business appointment.
On the way he was stopped for a red light and a somewhat antiquated
American car with and equally antiquated driver pulled up along side.
The old duffer in the Detroit iron surveyed the car and asked, "Build it
yourself?"  Thinking the question was directed at the fiberglass top, my
friend answered, "Why, yes, I did." Whereupon this old fellow said,
"Well, next time you build a car, it will come out a lot better and only
take you half the time."

Ken Freese

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