[Healeys] Re: Windshield to body seal???? UPDATE!

John Loftus loftusdesign at cox.net
Thu Dec 4 11:56:35 MST 2008

My question is what to do with the extra rubber at the ends.  I didn't quite
understand from the descriptions of what to do with the extra.
Should I nip it off flush with the edge of the frame so that the outside
chrome posts but up against the ends or fold it under and install the four
screws and tighten the outside post down on the rubber seal?
Thanks again!



Here's a picture showing how to trim the rubber seal (remove everything above and to the right of the red line). 


Then after installing the windshield assembly to the shroud, the extra trim drops into the wing/door gap and then is stuffed forward into a small opening at the very top inside surface of the wing. At least that's where I stuffed mine to keep it from being loose every time the door is opened.

That might be difficult to follow so if you open the left door, look/feel above the top hinge to the very top right corner of the panel and you should find a gap between the inner wing and the vertical panel. Voila.


(of course, if the experts say something different, I'm all ears :)

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