[Healeys] Windshield to body seal???? UPDATE!

Randy Dickson rdickson at midwestarchaeology.com
Wed Dec 3 21:05:28 MST 2008

Fellow Healeyoids,
First of all, thanks to all whom replied, especially those who took out the
time to write such lengthy descriptions like Rich and George.  Anyway, I got
the seal in.  Lots of soapy water.  Lots of cussing too.  It was actually
too slippery at the end and the ends of the seal kept coming out through the
curve, especially when it kept going over the little cut-out for the screw.
I used a heat gun which helped to mold it in and evaporate the water and
soap solution.  I hope that it stays in tonight.
It seems like there are multiple ways of accomplishing the task and everyone
sues slightly different techniques and tools. 

My question is what to do with the extra rubber at the ends.  I didn't quite
understand from the descriptions of what to do with the extra.
Should I nip it off flush with the edge of the frame so that the outside
chrome posts but up against the ends or fold it under and install the four
screws and tighten the outside post down on the rubber seal?
Thanks again!


63 BJ7
60 BT7
66 Cobra Replica
06 Mini Cooper S

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