[Healeys] NOJ391 on ebay????

Eric (Rick) Wilkins e-wilkins at cox.net
Wed Dec 3 12:13:18 MST 2008

Gordon Wilkins driving NOJ 391 back to the chateau from scrutineering
was hit by a vehicle driven by a drunken French peasant. Wilkinss
wife, a passenger in the car suffered severe damage to her mouth.
Luckily Stirling Mosss father, an excellent dentist, was also at Le
Mans and he carried out some brilliant repair work. NOJ 391 was
seriously damaged and required a complete rebuild in time for
practice; this was not helped when all the teams mechanics were
struck down with a severe gastric complaint due to a combination of
French food and Napoleonic sanitation.

This car was already cleared through scrutineering and the story goes
that major bits were transfered to another car with official seals in

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