[Healeys] NOJ391 on ebay????

dwflagg at juno.com dwflagg at juno.com
Wed Dec 3 11:16:12 MST 2008

If I remember correctly, the original Fred Hunter car was authenticated by
Geoff and Roger. Fred made the decision to have it restored as an "S" rather
than the prototype. There is an article by Kay Kovacs (or maybe Tom) on this
car and the sunsequent building of the replica prototype by Tom.


If the ebay car has the bill of sale, chassis number, log books and
original body work, etc. I'd believe it to be more car than what
fourintune put together from scraps.

On Dec 3, 2008, at 9:46 AM, Bob Brown wrote:

> Greg
> There are not three as you suggest. The car that FOurintune
> discovered to
> be NOJ391 is the Fred Hunter car that is now owned by Craig and Shari
> Hillinger.
> But that does not explain the two that seem to exist.
> Bob
> Oh, I
> should have remembered, so do we have three of them?
> http://www.healeywerks.com/pdfs/meet_millie_healeywerks_2008.pdf
> ---- "Eric
> (Rick) Wilkins" <e-wilkins at cox.net> wrote:
>> It's still possible that this
> car is the real one. many parts were
>> swapped around, right? SPecially
> after a truck accident at/near Le
>> Mans...
>> On Dec 3, 2008, at 8:09 AM,
> Bob Brown wrote:
>>> See  http://www.fourintune.com/ah100sprototype.html
>> for a little confusion on NOJ391

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